Medical record access with informed patient consent

See how the Medchart personal health data exchange gives you access to a new pool of protected personal health information
  • Spend less time collecting data for your study
  • Access to a deeper and broader pool of health information
  • The ability to request records from any health provider
  • Efficient and holistic information collection for your study
  • Simple sign up and online portal - no integration required
  • Data quality enhancements using customized machine learning for your study requirements

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Easy Onboarding

There's no software installation or integration needed to get up and running with Medchart. Simply login to our online portal.


Better Medical Data

Improve data quality and availability with a solution that allows you to access personal health information with informed patient consent.

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David Jaffray, EVP



"Medchart lets patients own their data and do what they want with it. The software digitally enables good people to do good work, it's really a no brainer."

Adren Krystal, CEO



"I am so glad to be partnering with Medchart to make it easier for patients to access their own health information!"